Ibadan Drama: What Happens to Bad Asses

Xoxo. This is kind of a personal experience spiced with Knorr Chicken cube and Onga. Don’t miss the flavour and Aroma.

Cuddling her teddy bear,Kush.She was so darn happy. Everything was just doing fine. Her bod,the diet,the medicines,the boys,the weed. Especially a boy and a lot of indomie et grass.

—– Fikun : Tamms. Hey ! Do you want to hang out ?
Duuuhhhhhhhh ! Babe was already smiling.
——- Tamss : Sure. Where ?
——– Fikun : The mall.
——- Tamss : Awesome ! Be there soon
—— Fikun : Yes,you are.
Nawa for this kain Awesome love oo.

Okay. Darn it. Tamss was going to turn up for this nigga. She dressed up like she was going to the Bahamas for an MTV bash.My babe wore an A line gown. In case you didn’t know,an A line gown is short in front and long behind. But Tamms own.. *sealed lips* A minus. The front was barely at her thighs. But wait ! This babe get mind oo. For IB City ! Not like she had her own Pc . PC is Personal Car or Personal Computer. You do the math. Anyway,to complete the look sorry The Tammss Meet Bad Ass Look,she wore Sandals to show her almost perfectly pedicured black nails and Sunglasses toppered with Tomato red lips. Ewooo !! Even Rihanna would be like :O. She even left her Afro red. Damnn ! Ibadan streets will be buried today oo. All this hotness. *faints*

Several Estate houses and Her Estate Main gate’s later….

“Fine girl,fine girl. Answer us. Fine body. Sexy girl. Ifeoma”
“Chinedu ! Ewhhhhh ! See fresh body”
“Nnne,Let Angel come and carry me.”
“Ifedioma ! You look tanterlising.”


“Fine girl joor. Wambi naa ”
“O tie answer wa.”
“Mama oo ! Eleyi ti poju”
“Kileyi ! Kubirat ! Shalewa ! Omo to shan bi omi odo”.

“I swear,na Allah send you to me today”
“Yaa ! I have flenty pmoney. I will pfofide efverything you want.”
“Yaa ! You mustu marry me oo. You too fine. Levvme giff you ha ride.”


But Tamms is a natural bad ass and bad asses don’t talk to street boys..
Comment if you want to know what happened to Tamss before she got to Fiks 😉



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