Trouble -III

        Pulling up to this little estate in Samonda, I could see what a posh life Lolu lived. There were only 4 houses, all really huge with amazing gardens. As we passed each one, I found myself wondering which one would be his, but we drove past all of them to another gate on the inside, past a long driveway filled with trees. It was all very private.
Finally, we stopped at the prettiest two-story house you could ever imagine. It wasn’t all that huge, but it was big and whoever designed it had taste. There were vines growing up all the outside walls and lots of plants and trees. I couldn’t imagine living here, it was all like some wild fantasy to me. “Shet, you take care of all of this by yourself?”I asked. “No oo, there are like 5 gardeners, what’s my own, lol” “It’s beautiful, anyway” “Glad you like it”he replied.”At least something beautiful came out of my father’s money.” I put it in mind to ask him more about his family.

         He took my bag and walked up to the door. Before he could open it, an oldish man, probably in his fifties, opened the door. “Lolu! Shouldn’t you be in school? And who’s this?”said the old dude. “Oh, there’s another strike. This is Adure, she didn’t have a place to stay so I offered”he replied. “I hope both of you are not doing any nonsense, but it’s not my business” Lolu laughed at that and reassured him we were not. I felt a pang of disappointment, but I don’t want to think too hard about what it means. Lolu turned to me. “Adure, this is Mr. Oni, he’s been this house’s keeper since when I started living here. He’ll show you to your room.” “Oh, its nice to meet you sir”I said to Mr. Oni. He smiled warmly at me and took my bag from Lolu.

We entered the house and I forgot we were in Ibadan. Omo, I was jelzin o, tinz are sweet in this boys life. Lolu started down a corridor but stopped and turned to me. “So, you’re okay? You can say if you need anything. Mr. Oni will help with that.” “I’m fine, thanks” Maybe just to share your bed….”Goodnight, Adure”he said with a knowing smile on his face. Shet, can the boy read thoughts ni? “Night, Lolu”I replied. Mr. Oni led me up the stairs to a medium-sized bedroom with an adjoining bath. It was all really pretty, quaint and still very cozy . As Mr. Oni closed the door behind him, I sank into the mattress and tried not to think about the sexy boy across the house from me.



5 thoughts on “Trouble -III

    • Abegggi, what concept? If you’re trying to peg yourself as a professional then you should know that its only an amateur attempt. And there is supposed to be an air of unrealism(if that is a word), its fiction, not a true story. If it was exactly real it’ll be depressing. I mean, in reality, she would have turned him down and probably bought a cheap hotel room somewhere. Maybe you’ll add a little rape and theft for spice. Thanks for your opinion tho, if you have any works of your own, I’d like to read it. I’m sure it’ll be interesting. Thanks again! 😀

  1. d story is real enough .these things happen besides it entertainment nd it interesting 😍 i love d story real or not 😍

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