Ibadan Drama – Always Answer The Awon Boyss

Awwn ! So I heard y’all Busy thinkers really loved my story and I’m getting nominated for the Etisalat fiction prize of No Amount. Because no,I wasn’t nominated. Anyway,back to my Tamss story. Just grab one popcorn and fanta ’cause this is some real drama.
When I say ‘awon boys’,I do not mean all these yeye Ibadan children posing as ‘Aje pakis’. Translation : Eaters of Pako . They’re really ‘Aje butters’ . Eaters of butter. I mean children who never had as much as pako to eat. From their mothers’ wombs,they’ve been hustling !! Sadly,my dear friends. Tamms didn’t know that when awon boyz call you,you answer them. If they call you fine girl,smile at them . Say ‘Ese sir’. If they pull you,you’ll say ‘Sorry,ema binu. When I’m coming back’.
She didn’t answer them. The only thing on Tamss mind : Let me get to Fikun. When she answered them,she said things like,’Excuse me,don’t touch me’. ‘Idiot’. ‘Stupid people’. My babe went as far as calling them ‘Ignoramii’. The Awon Boys crew got pissed off. And Tamss *bursts into tears*

Epilogue –
Tamss didn’t see Fikun that day. She just couldn’t . Not in that state.

Lesson :
1. Don’t try to be a badass for Ibadan street boys. Don’t even try to half an ass for Lagos street boys either. Or else,Tamss’ case will be an A* compared to yours.
2. Just be generally sensible. No PC or Cab. Don’t even try that revealing outfit. Except of course you live in Lagos. In IB,they strip people naked o .



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