Respect Your Temple

Rather fascinating heading,isn’t it ? Sadly,I’m not in the most comforting mood so I’m going to be super frank right now. We say we run the world. We let the males run our lives and we say we run the world. I’m not a sexist but that’s just dumb.
We say we own the men. Without us,there would be no man. Why then do we cause our downfall ? Why do we do stupid things we know are only stupid ? What do we act then forget to think at all. Few minutes,I saw something so terribly haunting. It just pains me that of all people,a girl child would do that. Don’t you know ? Doesn’t she know ? That because we are female we are already written off by some many others,especially our kind. Doesn’t she know ? That she’s expected to do just that . That she’s expected to fall and do dumb things . That she should make a mockery of herself. Doesn’t she know ? That our temple should be respected. Its a delicate piece of ourselves . Its not even the jar or the cookie or anything referring to the box,its simply our self worth,self respect. Respect for the Temple.
I don’t know who I’m referring to right now but all I know is. Girls ! Women ! Females ! Do we really run the world ? Do we need to stoop super low to run the world we think we own ? Are you destroying our temples ? Our dignities ? Self worth ? All in the name of running the world. Are we ?



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