Trouble IV

               I woke to a knock on the door. I quickly put on a large t-shirt to cover my braless chest(I was wearing pyjamas of course, but in current weather the skimpier the better*wink*). “Adure? Can I come in?” Lolu called from outside the door. He had a sexy lilt to his voice I didn’t notice the day before. He just keeps getting better and better, I thought to myself. “Sure” I called back as I tied up my hair. As the door opened I saw he was carrying a basket with some toiletries. “Thought you might need some lady stuff”,He said with a smile.  “That’s nice of you. I have to say thank you for all-” “No, no, it’s my pleasure to help.” Lolu cut in. “Well, I can’t overstep on your hospitality, and I think I’ll be able to leave by this afternoon.” He looked at me with a thoughtful frown on his face. “What is it?”I asked. “You just speak english with style. Good vocabulary and all that. Are you an english student?”Lolu asked.  “Well, no. But I was a literature student in addition to science classes when I was in secondary school. I still read a lot of books now. I’m a medical student.” I replied. “Oh? okay. That’s quite the common choice”,He noted. “Well, I’ve never really known what I wanted to do as an occupation and medicine seemed like a good choice at the time. It’s not that hard when you study and pay is good so..” I shrug. “What are you studying?”  “Err, engineering. It’s bloody hard and I almost regret it. But the feeling you get when you pass a test or get a good grade is quite awesome. You know it’s because you’re smart enough that you could pull it off, that you worked hard enough and got your result. And I’ve always wanted to design and build”,Lolu replied with a grin. “That is pretty cool. You have a british-y accent to your voice. Is that where your mom is from?”I asked. “Yeah, where she was from. She died some years back”,He replied, a shadow crossing over his face. “I’m very sorry to hear  that”,I said. “Yeah, well, it was a while ago. You’d think my accent would be gone by now but I stubbornly cling to it, absorbing all the british shows I can from the bbc. It’s all for the ladies really.”He said,smiling coyly. I laughed. “Anyway, thanks for the stuff. Is there any food to be eaten?”I asked. “Yes! Part of the reason I came up here actually. There’s breakfast ready downstairs whenever you’re ready.” He handed me the basket and backed out of  my room. Already willing to think of it as mine. With free food I might stay forever. As an afterthought I thanked God that Lolu wasn’t a rapist, or someone with very naughty intentions, because I’d just been alone with him in a house with only one other occupant that might condone his actions, even encourage them, and here we all were in a remote location where my screams would not be heard. But I’ve always had an over-active imagination. But still, this is Ibadan.

                I went off to the bathroom. It was pretty normal. Shower, toilet and sink. I went back to my bag and got my toothbrush and sponge out. Getting to the mirror on the wall, I examined myself. No sleep grunge. Hair mildly untidy in its bun at the back of my head. I untied it and shook my hair out. It was brown and straight. My mom was half indian and had relatively manageable hair. Mine I straightened every week and relaxed every three months. I cut it short so it just brushed my shoulders in an asymmetric style. I was quite proud of it, since it was my hair , and not some crap weave-on. I’ve always adored myself, vain to the core. And my best feature is my eyes. Light brown and glowing, a gift from my mother. I’ve been trying to cut down on my habits, but at least I’m confident in my looks, tee-hee.  I looked in the basket Lolu gave. There were bottles of soap and some nice smelling cream. Lady stuff. Turning to the sink I saw there was already some toothpaste  and floss. Okay, everything accounted for, I got to work cleaning myself.


7 thoughts on “Trouble IV

    • well, most of the stories here are books we write, that we just post chapter by chapter. its pretty interesting to have it in blog format but it doesnt leave room for much editing. thanks for your compliment tho, all y’all are really nice 😀

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