Trouble V

Feeling clean I stepped out of the bathroom. Getting to my bag, I started contemplating what to wear. How to look great without seeming too obvious. To look like I’m in my element, all natural. Which is a very big lie cause it takes a lot for this beauty to shine. Looking through the contents, I decided on some jeans and an armless white t-shirt. With a gold collar necklace and bracelet, of course. I decided to wear my converse today, going with the ‘in my natural element’ look. I brushed my hair back and applied minimal makeup and started downstairs.
Getting downstairs, I was accosted with the sight of Lolu reading on his couch, and damn, the boy is finnne. I didn’t get a good look at him earlier because I was too busy worrying about my own appearance. He was wearing a simple black shirt and jeans, with converse as well, I noticed. We have matching shoes! I’m already doing a victory dance in my head. This just opens up a world of possibilities! What if we start dating, get married, live here and have beautiful babies together! Sensible Adure steps in, interrupting my tirade,whispering to my soul, just because of converse? All my dreams and aspirations crash and burn. Lolu looks up from his book. “Oh, hey. You’re clean”, he says. Are you trying to say I was dirty looking?
“Yeah, shower’s really nice”,I reply. He looks me up and down.
“I gotta say, I’m surprised you didn’t dress up. Not trying to impress me are you? That’s a first.” He says with a haughty brow.
“Ehn? If I sock your half-white behind! Are you trying to say I don’t look good enough to be in your presence?”,I lash back. He laughs that his burriful laugh, tilting his head back. “Chill, chill, I’m just kidding. You look like a freshly blooming evening flower. You’re ‘quint’.” He replies with a wide grin. Foolish boy.
“Anyway, where’s food?”, I ask.
“Dining room table. Leave stuff where they are when you’re done. My staff will take care of it.”
Foolish rich boy.
“Okay, thanks. I’ll call my parents and see if I can get in touch. I should be outta here latest mid-afternoon”, I say. I wish I didn’t have to go.
“Okay, then, hope you had a nice stay at le hotel de Lolu, a la free service”, he says, not even looking disappointed that I’m leaving.
Foolish rich blind boy. I’m one of a kind. Getting my food I stalk back to the couch.
“So, its time you explain why you pick up a stranger and take her to your house if its not a case of rape”, I say. He drops his book and looks at me. “You’re not a stranger”, he points out. “We go to the same school. And you needed help. And I’m a nice guy. Its simple enough.” “Okay….I suppose I could accept that. I’m thankful you’re a nice guy then. Any news on the strike?”
“Err, no change. Looks like we’re on holiday for a while.”
“Okay, so what if I can’t get another place to stay?” What if I don’t want to get another place to stay?
“You could always stay here. We could become ‘fast friends'”
Foolish + Fine + Nice + Rich + Funny = Husband material. “Why don’t you have a girlfriend?”, I ask.
“Whoa, going on the offensive. No subtlety. I like your style, Miss Adaora. But who’s to say I don’t?”,He replies.
“Well, I don’t think you would bring a girl home, if you had one, no matter your good intentions”, I retort. “Well, a point for you then. I just recently went through a heart breaking break up. Quite the sob story really”,He says.
“What happened?”,I ask. “She wanted more of my body, I told her I had given her all I could. So she went through LAS(Lolu Attraction Syndrome) until she couldn’t take it anymore. Really not her fault, poor lass”,he says with a ridiculously straight face. I had to laugh.
“What about you?”, he asks. “Nah, I’m single and ready to mingle”, I say with the naija accent of life. He makes a face.
“That’s great. We should be friends.”,Lolu says. Zoned. “How old are you anyway?”I ask.
“19. You?”
“You look 14.” I hit him with a cushion.
“I have some errands to run, so I’ll have to leave you to your own devices. There’s tv and video games here and you have your phone and laptop yh? There’s also wifi, you can ask Mr. Oni about the password. Well, I suppose I’ll see you later then.” “Alright.” I took my plate back to the dining room and went back upstairs. I needed to call my parents soon.


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