I woke up to the sun setting through the window. I didn’t even realise I was sleepy. Ugh, remembering my conversation with my parents makes me want to cry. They are so unreasonable. They were so uncaring about their own daughter that they did not understand why I did not want to be at the mercy of an almost complete stranger.

Well, I think part of the reason was Lolu’s family. Or his father anyway. I googled Lolu and found out some basic info about him, and when I called my parents to tell them who I was staying with, they instantly recognised his father, and deemed me safe enough. At least they had his name and address so he could be arrested.

After i’m found dead.

After a while I started feeling hungry. I wondered whether Lolu was back. If he still looked as sexy as he did that morning. There were certainly perks of being at his mercy. Gosh, I could probably write songs for that boy. I want to unwrap all that caramel goodness and take a bite.

Oh, right, I’m hungry.

Getting downstairs, I started towards the kitchen. As I passed the door to the living room, I heard some music.

Lolu must be home.

I hesitated at the door handle, then went in. It was all dark and the stereo was playing ‘omo pastor’ by ajebutter. Now, I had a problem with keeping still, and I really loved to dance. Not amazingly well, but I still liked the movement.

I was already wavering to the beat. And the stereo was really high quality.

As expected of Lolu. Probably does all his babes on that couch. Damn.

I started moving my hips, my waist, putting my hands in my hair, really feeling it. I felt Lolu walk up to me, and his hands were on my waist, and his body was pressed against mine.

We were moving in sync. I pushed my hips back, and arched my back a little. He made a sound at the back of his throat. He put his face in my neck, his mouth softly grazing my ear.


He left, closing the door softly behind him.


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