Trouble VII

Damn. This. Boy. Will. Kill. Me.

I take steadying breaths, and try to calm my racing heart. He touched me. Put his hands allova my body. Gahhhkaksijem. I cover my face in the darkness, glad no one is around to see me have a complete nervous breakdown. Call it the Lolu Effect.

As soon as my hands eventually stop shaking, I exit the room. Looking around, I deduce that The-One-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named has left the building. His keys are gone from the counter by the door. It’s just as well, I wouldn’t know how to face him after that.

I mean, there’s always been this sexy, tense aura surrounding our interactions with each other. I’m not imagining it, right? Right??

I decide to go to the kitchen to appease my growling stomach, my other hungers sated. I knew he would taste good.

As I cook, I decide to make something for Lolu. You know, in case he’s hungry when he gets back. I decide nothing overly fancy, I’m not trying to get the boy to marry me, obviously. (Crossing my fingers!) Pasta in sauce with some cheese on top should do.

As soon as I’m done, and have dished everything out, I check the time. I discover is it already past 9, and wonder when Lolu will be coming back.

I set the table all nicely, with a vase of flowers from the garden and a solitary, lit candle. I’m feeling quite proud of myself when the door clicks open.

I don’t know why, but the first thing that registers is the giggles. They are high pitched and annoying. Next comes Lolu’s voice.

“You never shut up, do you.” Lolu asks, his voice still annoyingly sexy. He wraps his arms around her as it seems she has difficulty walking straight.

The annoying girl speaks. (So, she has a brain.) “Ohh myy, I am soooo druuunk rihht now”, she slurs. “Why’d you let me have so muchhh?” Another giggle escapes.

“Well, love, so that I could get you out of your clothes and into my bed easier.” He flashes a cocky grin.

They finally look up and notice me, gaping at them from the kitchen.

“Oh, hey, don’t mind us.We’ll just go upstairs and let you get back to whatever it is you were doing.”

He notices the food and elaborate set up.

“Were you expecting someone?”, He raises one eyebrow.

I finally find my voice after a hard swallow.

“Yes, but they didn’t show. Sorry I couldn’t ask for your permission first.” I reply.

His eyebrow goes back down. “It’s okay, it’s not like I’ve been around for you to ask. I mean, I left immediately after we…” He trails off. He looks again to the set up on the table.

I see the moment he realises. His face goes still and his mouth forms an Oh. It’s like the light bulb goes off in his head and his mouth forms a mocking smirk.

He turns to the bumbling idiot besides him, “Go ahead love, wait for me upstairs.”

At this point my mortification is supreme. I don’t think I could get anymore embarrassed and my heart will not stop thudding. Anything I try to say will probably come out as a meaningless stutter.

I keep my gaze on the wall behind his head as he begins to talk.

“Look, Adure, what happened was just me being horny and not thinking. I can’t believe you thought something was going to happen though. You developed a crush in like 2 hours? What are you, five? I mean, you’re cute, and I’m always up for a quick tryst, but you don’t seem like that sort of girl. I can’t believe I have to explain this.

If you’ll excuse me, I have some urgent business to attend to.”

He bundles up the stairs, leaving me to clean up the shards of my dignity. After a few seconds, he returns, looking slightly sheepish. He grabs two bowls and scoops out some pasta from the pot.

“I mean, you made it for me, right? Toni and I will get hungry soon enough.” He gives me a wink. “Thanks love.” He bounds up the stairs again without a second look back.

What an ASS.


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