Trouble -III

        Pulling up to this little estate in Samonda, I could see what a posh life Lolu lived. There were only 4 houses, all really huge with amazing gardens. As we passed each one, I found myself wondering which one would be his, but we drove past all of them to another gate on the inside, past a long driveway filled with trees. It was all very private.
Finally, we stopped at the prettiest two-story house you could ever imagine. It wasn’t all that huge, but it was big and whoever designed it had taste. There were vines growing up all the outside walls and lots of plants and trees. I couldn’t imagine living here, it was all like some wild fantasy to me. “Shet, you take care of all of this by yourself?”I asked. “No oo, there are like 5 gardeners, what’s my own, lol” “It’s beautiful, anyway” “Glad you like it”he replied.”At least something beautiful came out of my father’s money.” I put it in mind to ask him more about his family.

         He took my bag and walked up to the door. Before he could open it, an oldish man, probably in his fifties, opened the door. “Lolu! Shouldn’t you be in school? And who’s this?”said the old dude. “Oh, there’s another strike. This is Adure, she didn’t have a place to stay so I offered”he replied. “I hope both of you are not doing any nonsense, but it’s not my business” Lolu laughed at that and reassured him we were not. I felt a pang of disappointment, but I don’t want to think too hard about what it means. Lolu turned to me. “Adure, this is Mr. Oni, he’s been this house’s keeper since when I started living here. He’ll show you to your room.” “Oh, its nice to meet you sir”I said to Mr. Oni. He smiled warmly at me and took my bag from Lolu.

We entered the house and I forgot we were in Ibadan. Omo, I was jelzin o, tinz are sweet in this boys life. Lolu started down a corridor but stopped and turned to me. “So, you’re okay? You can say if you need anything. Mr. Oni will help with that.” “I’m fine, thanks” Maybe just to share your bed….”Goodnight, Adure”he said with a knowing smile on his face. Shet, can the boy read thoughts ni? “Night, Lolu”I replied. Mr. Oni led me up the stairs to a medium-sized bedroom with an adjoining bath. It was all really pretty, quaint and still very cozy . As Mr. Oni closed the door behind him, I sank into the mattress and tried not to think about the sexy boy across the house from me.



Ibadan Drama: What Happens to Bad Asses

Xoxo. This is kind of a personal experience spiced with Knorr Chicken cube and Onga. Don’t miss the flavour and Aroma.

Cuddling her teddy bear,Kush.She was so darn happy. Everything was just doing fine. Her bod,the diet,the medicines,the boys,the weed. Especially a boy and a lot of indomie et grass.

—– Fikun : Tamms. Hey ! Do you want to hang out ?
Duuuhhhhhhhh ! Babe was already smiling.
——- Tamss : Sure. Where ?
——– Fikun : The mall.
——- Tamss : Awesome ! Be there soon
—— Fikun : Yes,you are.
Nawa for this kain Awesome love oo.

Okay. Darn it. Tamss was going to turn up for this nigga. She dressed up like she was going to the Bahamas for an MTV bash.My babe wore an A line gown. In case you didn’t know,an A line gown is short in front and long behind. But Tamms own.. *sealed lips* A minus. The front was barely at her thighs. But wait ! This babe get mind oo. For IB City ! Not like she had her own Pc . PC is Personal Car or Personal Computer. You do the math. Anyway,to complete the look sorry The Tammss Meet Bad Ass Look,she wore Sandals to show her almost perfectly pedicured black nails and Sunglasses toppered with Tomato red lips. Ewooo !! Even Rihanna would be like :O. She even left her Afro red. Damnn ! Ibadan streets will be buried today oo. All this hotness. *faints*

Several Estate houses and Her Estate Main gate’s later….

“Fine girl,fine girl. Answer us. Fine body. Sexy girl. Ifeoma”
“Chinedu ! Ewhhhhh ! See fresh body”
“Nnne,Let Angel come and carry me.”
“Ifedioma ! You look tanterlising.”


“Fine girl joor. Wambi naa ”
“O tie answer wa.”
“Mama oo ! Eleyi ti poju”
“Kileyi ! Kubirat ! Shalewa ! Omo to shan bi omi odo”.

“I swear,na Allah send you to me today”
“Yaa ! I have flenty pmoney. I will pfofide efverything you want.”
“Yaa ! You mustu marry me oo. You too fine. Levvme giff you ha ride.”


But Tamms is a natural bad ass and bad asses don’t talk to street boys..
Comment if you want to know what happened to Tamss before she got to Fiks 😉


Trouble -II

Lolu let go of my hand and picked my bag up. He started walking towards a shiny black harley davidson. “You drive that??” “Yeah. Sexy no?” “Totally”,I replied with my mouth open. I slammed it shut and continued towards him. He handed me the helmet and attached my bag to the back of the bike. “What about your helmet?”I asked. “Don’t worry, my head is made of steel. Besides no cop ever gave a rats ass” “Darris d truth” “What?” “Haha, that’s the truth. I just like to use a naija accent sometimes” He looked at me for a while and burst out laughing. “That’s rich”he said. Laughing a little, I replied,”How? You don’t think a tush girl like me can have a naija accent?” “Who said you’re tush? Just because you’re light skinned and pretty doesn’t mean you’re tush” “You think I’m pretty?”I replied, batting my eyelashes at him. “So not the point! And it wasn’t even a real naija accent”he retorted. “Yeah, yeah, whatever!”

Still giggling I got on the bike after him. I didn’t know what to do with my hands so I just held down on the seat. “What are you doing? Put your arms around me!”He exclaimed. “Do you know how that sounds?”I replied, but complied. And wow, what a nice tummy he had. Hard and soft at the same time. Shet mehn, I could feel the pacs and it felt goood. “I can feel you checking me out”he said, smiling. “You wish” “Anyway, you gotta get closer, or you’ll fall off”said Lolu. “I’ll be the judge of that!” True to his word, once he revved up the engine and started forward, I nearly fell off. I saved myself by grabbing him tight, around his middle. I thought I heard him mutter, in a slightly strained voice, “not that close….” You don’t have a DD cup for nothing! And tiny waist too. Feeling sexy and smiling to myself, we thundered down the roads of Ibadan.



I looked up at my new, young and fresh lecturer as he called my name to the front. He handed me a sheet of paper with my name on top, Adure Adaora, which I vaguely recognised as a bio-chemistry test from a few weeks past. “How’s your name pronounced?”he asked, tapping on the sheet. I used to get irritated being asked this question all my life, but I suppose I got used to it. Honestly its not that hard to pronounce, in my opinion.”A-dyu-rey” “That’s beautiful!” he said. “I know”, giving him a little wink. You might think that’s a little bold for a student in her second year to be giving a lecturer, but it was typical Nigerian weather and I was feeling a little daring. He didn’t seem to mind tho…..I suppose it’s because he’s young and all that. I hope its sha not because of some mixed signals, I must remember to steer clear of any summoning to his office.

         Class was finally over! We had been asked to stay longer for an impromptu tutorial and it was already getting late. On my way to the hostel, a girl I recognised from class stopped me. “Adure! Guess what’s happening with these people again. Another strike is going to be effective from tomorrow and the VC ordered all students out from the hostels to show the government that they’re serious. You better go and get all your stuff cause it’s going to be locked down by midnight.” “Oh shit! I don’t have a place to stay……what’s wrong with these people na?” “You don’t have parents again?”she asked. “They’re out of the country. What am I supposed to do?? Shit….thanks tho” “No problem” She ran off, presumably to spread the word. But I’m really in trouble. I always stayed at the hostel during sessions and the apartment I lived in for holidays had its lease expire a few months ago. I’d been meaning to renew it but I hadn’t received my allowance in a while. By that principle I couldn’t afford a hotel without forfeiting food. I could try getting in contact with my parents to send money, so I can at least buy a room for the night. But before all that, to get some stuff from my room.

            Standing outside my hostel, travelling bag in hand, I made towards a credit stand. I didn’t have enough credit on my mobile for an international call so I could just place one here. I got some credit and dialled the ‘in case of emergency’ number. “Sorry, this user is unavailable” Crap…..I tried again 4 times, same answer. Arrrrghhh, what am I supposed to do then?? I considered staying with friends but I’m not close enough to anybody to sleep over. Always been a very private person, so close friends are scarce for me. I sat under a street light with my head in my hands, feeling helpless and foolish. “Ummmmmm, Adure right?” I looked towards the voice.

A boy with light skin, half-cast skin, not that yellow igbo complexion that looks oily most of the time, with brown curly hair and hazel eyes was there. I recognised him, I think we have like one class together, but I never talked to him. His name is Lolu…probably. “Yeah?” “Are you okay?”he asked. “What do you care?” “Nawa o, forget I said anything. I just saw you alone and tried to be kind or smth. I mean with the whole strike thing again…” “Oh? Well thank you, Lolu. Lolu right? I appreciate your kindness. Eshey!”I replied. “Haha, you’re welcome. Will you tell me what’s wrong tho?” Now normally, I would have blown him off, but I was already close to tears and he was willing to be a recipient of my sorrow, so I just let it out and stuff. “I don’t have a place to stay!! This strike ish just hit me at the worst time possible and my parents are incognito” “Friends nko?”he asked. “I don’t have any that’ll be willing to take me in” “Hmmmn, that’s quite shitty, so will you be okay on your own?” At this I squared my back and stared him in the eye. “Yes, thank you very much. You can stop bothering yourself about me now.” “Easy, didn’t mean to offend your lady pride” he said with a smile. “And will you like to come home with me?” “What?”I said in surprise. “Not in any way like that, its just that I have this big, empty house, and you obviously need help, and I really don’t mind.” “Seriously?” “Yeah” He held out his hand, and I took it. It was probably a bad idea but what choice did I have?